Teletext4www is a system that allows you to browse teletext pages with your webbrowser. It has two main modules:

Implementation issues/system requirements (it can change):

System (dis)advantages:


Index of all stations index.png
Simple page tvp2_100.png
Index of pages on one of the stations tvp2_index.png

Actual author/developer: Ecto

Project history/news:

3 Jun 2003
Some code cleanups (added comments). You should be able to compile and use whole aplication from cvs co of txt4www module - but you're on your own with configuring it (it should be easier with in-source documentation).
23 Mar 2003
Creation of project homepage.
6 Mar 2003
First files of the new project: libvbi2 (taken from AleVT 1.6.1), sample programs (from old teletext4www). Go to cvs for it (unusable).
Feb 2003
Idea of redo'ing all the project. Registration of the project on Sourceforge. Initial commit of the old version.
Aug-Nov 2000
Ancient history: from the idea (to share teletext with other users of LAN) to its first working implementation. Work done with Souti.


You can browse the sf project page.

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